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Wine Lovers T Shirt | Vino Tee


We bet you love wine, don’t you? How could this amazing traditional Italian drink be a special message booster? With this amazing t-shirt! The print showcases a jug of wine you would find in one of the incredible authentic and traditionally Italian wine cellar. Plus, the grape there makes things even more authentic and realistic while playing with the Italian words Vino, meaning “Wine”. The t-shirt is so wearable, in high quality and definitely a unique piece to have in your collection or to give away as a gift to one of your friend who loves wine and Italy as much as you do! you can pick from 10 colors and 7 sizes and, checking all the different available colors you will create some casual outfit that, for sure, will turn heads!

Crafted from 100% ring cotton, the wine grape t-shirt is high quality and highly durable too.

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