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Sicily Flip Flops | Italian Unisex Sandals



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Sicilians, show everyone where you’re from and wear these flip flops with pride.

They feature the colors of the Sicily flag, with the left foot having a red sole and the right foot, a yellow one, while the head of Medusa is on both.

As well as looking great, they’re practical too. They come with a rubber sole for excellent grip, and a textured strap that prevents them from slipping off your feet.

They’re the perfect accessory for pool parties, beach days, vacations, or just lounging around the house or garden.

Sicily is an Italian island that sits south of mainland Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea. Although it’s part of Italy, it’s a unique place with its own capital city, Palermo, as well as being the birthplace of popular Italian dishes like Cannoli and Arancini. It’s also home to Europe’s tallest active volcano, Mount Etna.

Make a statement this summer and show your love for Sicily with these Sicilian themed flip flops, which are sure to cause a stir every time you head out in them.

Designed with pride for Italy by Awesome Italians.

Feel free to explore our complete range of fun, Italian-themed products and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Enjoy!