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Sicily Flip Flops | Sicilian Flag Sandals


You can definitely rock your hot summer days with these amazingly made and beautiful to see flip flops dedicated to Sicily! Wearing these flip flops you will have comfort, style and uniqueness all in one! The great versatile fitting and the casual touch are there to let you play around with style while keeping things comfortable but yet beautiful and astonishing. The cure for the details and the passion behind the print are another big plus as the tank print showcases the written “Sicily” with the Sicilian region and the Sicilian logo. In the Sicilian flag stands the symbol of a female head with three legs bent (trisele) and moved directly from the head. In heraldry this representation takes the name of trinacria so while showcasing your love for Sicily you will have the chance to keep things absolutely authentic, typical and traditionally Sicilian too! Quality is always a priority for us so the 100% rubble will make you feel at ease and you won’t have bad surprises, plus, they will be durable over time! Check the multiple sizes available and buy a pair of flips flops for your friends too! Definitely a gift to remember!

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