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Prosciutto T Shirt | Funny Italian Food Tee


Italy is the perfect country for foodies and wine lover as well! This t-shirt is the right item you need to show Italy and its main culinary features some love! The tee showcases a charcuterie platter with some olive branches and a glass of red wine…how beautiful is that? Basically this combo is the perfect Italian aperitif locals crave for on their outings and Friday night outs! The print is stunningly colorful, in high definition and quality and it comes together with the Italian sign stating “Invecchiato alla perfezione”, meaning "aged to perfection!" This is so cool and really catches a glimpses of the enogastronomic Italian culture we all love so much which makes Italy one of the most famous wine producer in the world! The quality of the material is another big plus as we really want to give you something you will want to wear everyday without ruining it over washing. This t-shirt is simple but absolutely stunning due to the major focus on the print and the sign for a detailed but still classy effect. You are going to turn heads for sure and you will be the walking manifesto of the most deliciously interesting side of Italian culture! Check the colors sections and the sizes and buy it for you or for a special friend. It’s an absolutely stunning original and unique gift idea. You won’t regret it!

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