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Italian Supercar T Shirt | Molto Veloce Tee


Do you love fast Italian cars and you want something unique to wear and express your passion? This sporty amazing t-shirt is the right item for you and exactly the kind of tee you would to wear over and over again. Its great quality, its versatile fit and the chance to personalize your style even more by choosing between amazing colors and size. The graphic speaks for itself: At the focus is a super-power, futuristic Italian car that is pumping up the gas ready to hit the road with blazing speed. The gas is nicely illustrated with the colors of the Italian flag and at the top, there is a neat font saying “Molto Veloce” meaning “Very Fast”, will give you that Italian touch you won’t miss the chance to show and to impress! The perfect t-shirt for you it’s actually a great gift idea. Don’t miss the chance to have something originally beautiful and never-seen before! The astounding digital art looks even more amazing in different colors, so be sure to explore them all. Since this is a district unisex fit, the automotive tee is the great tee for her or him.

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