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La Dolce Vita Tote | Women's Tote Bag


One of the first things that come to mind upon sighting this LA Dolce Vita Ladies Handbag is practical beauty. Designed to be comfortable and super cute at the same time, this handbag will be of great use to you as a perfect company anywhere you go, be it to work, shopping or special dates and outings with friends, the bag I'd always there to boost your style, swag, and love for this beautiful country. The basic model placed a focus on the fun life in Italy which it projects with the cute graphic on it that comprises a text which says, ‘La Dolce Vita' and a flower in the middle colored with the Italian national flag colors. LA Dolce Vita which means the general fun lifestyle, good vibes only and other good things Italy is known for like its amazing food, beautiful culture, and fun-loving people is a popular phrase in Italy that captures a kind of fun spirit, one that you do not want to miss, and this is what the bag offers to you on a canvas of original cotton. Seize this opportunity to express your love for Italy most comfortably and stylishly with this beautiful ladies' hand bag, and you won't regret it. The Handbag is available in a variety of handle colors to bring spice and more fun to your fashion style. The bag is made of a 100% pure cotton that assures you of a high-quality bag and long-lasting durability. Buy it now for yourself and your girlfriends and showcase your Italian spirit!

.: 100% Cotton

.: Flat corners

.: Multiple handle colors

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