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Wine Barrel T Shirt | Vino Tee


Do you love the art of wine? We bet you do! And we bet you cannot take a sip of a tasty red wine without thinking about Italy, the most amazing country for wine lovers like you! In Italy wine is an art and it’s for sure one of most known drink to have while eating some spaghetti or a lasagna! If you are a wine lover addicted to Italy this t-shirt is the perfect item to wear! Comfortable, in high quality and with a great print showcasing the making of wine with a wine barrel, grapes and press…the essential to produce some wine! The t-shirt is great for unique outfits and you can choose between several different colors for an eye-catching result! Do you have some friend loving Italian wine as much as you do? Buy it and save it as a gift for their upcoming special events and you won’t let him/her down!

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