Italy Sash Tank Top | Italian Flag Tank

Athletic Heather/Navy
Athletic Heather
Black/Athletic Heather
Blue TriBlend
Charcoal-Black/Solid Black Tri
Deep Heather/Black
Deep Heather/Red
Green TriBlend
Grey TriBlend
White/True Royal
Heather Navy
Heather Slate


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We all love tank tops during the summertime, especially when it will help us to flex our exquisite fashion style and love for the motherland. So, do you want a basic tank top but one that has a great sense of style and attention to details? Then this Italia inspired tank top is for you. It presents you with a unique chance to scream out your love for the Italian countryside while still experimenting with other clothes to enjoy the best of fashion suitable for your personality. It comes with a print that screams Italia!