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Italy Sash Long Sleeve Shirt | Italian Flag Shirt


Useful but still beautiful, this Italy Sash Long sleeve Shirt is pure elegance. The model is basically an old classic gathering the Italian sense for style that breathe out from this minimal, yet beautiful, Italy Sash Long Sleeve Shirt. The Italian long sleeve shirt is cozy, yet so elegant and minimally beautifully. Basically this is going to be that one missing item you need in your wardrobe for stylish and unique outfit for a dinner out, for a special occasion or to keep you warm but still attractive in spring, autumn or during those summer nights on the beach. The shirt displays strip of 3 colors representing the Italian flag and yellow font saying “Italy”. This sash long sleeve shirt comes in tons of different color combinations of sizes so you can definitely choose whatever you prefer to customize your experience even more. We urge you to check all color combos before buying one – there are some really “threat-for-the-eyes” sleeves. You are going to love the selection! This shirt is even a great gift for him for any occasion, you male friends are going to love this one!

Get this striking piece of Italian clothing and we’ll get it delivered to your address fast and conveniently and, most of all, stress-free!

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