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Italy Flip Flops | Italian Flag Sandals


Have you been looking for that simple accessory piece that combines fashion, class and your love and passion for Italy? Then you are in luck today as this Italian flag inspired flip-flops are precisely what you have been looking for, and you have indeed found it. You do not need to look further anymore. These amazing flip-flops are bound to impress in both appeal and comfort as they are a perfect show off your passion for Italy and very comfortable to wear too. It will fit as a great extra for a casual outfit when packing for your summer trip. You can rock it for so many occasions, and it will not let your fashion style down. With this fantastic flip-flop, you do not need to worry about footwear for your day out at the beach on a hot summer day anymore as it is the perfect footwear for summertime without any issues of toxic colors fading or related issues.

Made from a 100% rubber and great attention to details, these flip flops display a replica of the Italian flag and allows you to explore and experiment with different colors to add some spice to your summer fashion style. Select your perfect choice from the vast array of sizes available and do not forget to gift your loved ones and friends with this beautiful unisex flip flops to allow them to rock their love for Italy with you too.

.: 100% Rubber

.: Multiple sizes

.: Textured black thong strap

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