Italian Statue T-Shirt | Cronaca Della Creazione Tee

Solid Purple Rush
Solid Black
Solid Scarlet
Solid Midnight Navy
Solid Military Green
Solid Royal
Solid Tahiti Blue
Solid Turquoise
CVC Charcoal


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If you have a passion for Italian art and its huge role in worldwide religiosity, then you sure need to get this shirt ASAP! The shirt comes with a captivating print that is almost impossible to not notice at first gaze, the print represents an angel statue creating the sky and its beautiful vintage in an absolutely unique manner with its energetic powers plus a text that describes the statue in Latin spelling out the words, ‘Cronaca Della Creazione' which translates to ‘the chronicles of creation' in English language and makes the mystery of the statue more clear and eye catchy all designed in the colors of the Italian flag.