Italian Liquor T-Shirt | Limoncello Tee

Solid Tahiti Blue
Solid Banana Cream
Solid Scarlet
Solid Light Blue
Solid Midnight Navy
Solid Military Green
Solid Purple Rush
Solid Royal
Solid Turquoise
Solid White
Solid Silver
CVC Charcoal


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Limoncello is a quite famous liqueur made from the citrus peel of Campania, prepared traditionally with lemons mostly found in the Amalfi coast. Limoncello has a history that involves different anecdotes and many legends which creates a kind of mystery and old traditions around it. In addition to that, limoncello has a taste that is worth dying for. Currently, there are many lovers of limoncello, and if you love it as much as we do, then this T-shirt is exactly what your wardrobe cannot afford not to have! The shirt serves as a subtle reminder of bright summer days in the beautiful Amalfi coast with its colorful and joyful print which you can easily customize to your fashion taste. The shirt features a fantastic print of the famous fruit that creates a result so enticing! Utilizing the natural colors of the Italian flag with vibrant and beautifully placed typography will surely make you feel thoroughly Italian when you wear it.