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Italia Tank Top | Italian Flag Tank


A basic tank but with a great sense of style and love for detail? You got it! This unisex Italia Tank Top is a great opportunity to spread your love for the Italian country while playing around with your outfits, fashion and personality. The print is absolutely gorgeous and, even if it may seems quite basic your color choice will do the rest! The tank is even 100% cotton so you will have a soft effect while wearing it and you can definitely rely on this item as an ongoing recurrent piece for several different occasions as it won’t be affected by washings and over-usage! The print is simple but beautifully made: you have the written saying Italia, in Italian flag’s colors and the Italian peninsula on its side. The most amazing thing about this tank is that, one: it’s unisex, two: by choosing your favorite color the effect and the outfit can easily become something else, something more rock or more classy, your choice! Check the multiple sizes available too and remember this could be the perfect gift idea for some upcoming event to celebrate your special ones! Buy it right now and you will have it delivered right to your doorstep asap!

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