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Cannoli T Shirt | Holy Cannoli Tee


Holy Cannoli! Sicilian cannoli are traditional fried desserts that were originally consumed during the Carnival period but have been so successful that they have become the most widespread and appreciated Sicilian dessert and are enjoyed all year round! Sicilian cannoli are made up of a shell of fried and crispy dough, stuffed with a filling of sheep's ricotta cream, chocolate chips and candied pumpkin cubes whose use has been lost in time. If you love Italian desserts and Sicily for sure you know them, oh so well! Buy this t-shirt and your love will be so clear and represented with style, elegance and in a colorful young and fresh way. You can check the amazing colors available and choose the perfect one for you and your style while selecting the perfect size as well for your best fit! Are you looking for a great gift idea? This is the item you need to make a special person happy with a unique, original and high quality t-shirt! Anyone that tried Italian cannoli knows how amazingly tasteful this meal is. This Holy Cannoli T Shirt represents the pure passion and love for this god-heaven tasty dish. Ideal for anyone that searches funny Italian shirts!

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