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Fig Tree T Shirt | Avere Alcuni Fichi Tee


Do you love Italian fresh fruits? Then you love figs for sure! This amazing tasty yummy fruit is so famous in Italy and comes together with several different dishes and recipes, both salty and sweet for some combination to die for! This t-shirt is a gentle reminder of how beautiful is to have some figs into your life with a cute cartooned graphic showcasing a colorful tree with a basket full of figs: one of the most common scenarios you would find in the Italian countryside! Featuring the tasty figs it features lovely graphic art print along with “Avere Alcuni Fichi” quote. This sleek tshirt in Italian is equally sweet & tasteful as the super yummy figs. If you love fresh fruits and some bucolic scenario you should wear this unique t-shirt! Its colors are so bright, fresh and young creating a customized effect on a basic t-shirt becoming a versatile item for different casual outfits. Play around with the colors, choose what you like the most and consider to buy this as a gift for a friend! 

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