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Italian Mafia T Shirt | Got A Problem Tee


Are you looking for something funny, unique and Italian inspired? This t-shirt is the perfect way to make fun of the typical gangster stereotype with this graphic cartooned t-shirt. Displaying vibrant & dynamic fonts, with an exquisite drawing of 3 mobsters, the t-shirt has a clear message – no one can mess with you! Get things funny and absolutely hilarious while honoring your passion for Italianism too! Absolutely amazing to wear and ready to impress, you can choose between several colors to create the most daring and impressive outfits. You will have high quality, originality and unique design ready to combine it with a skinny jeans some more classy outfit. Don’t forget this could be the perfect gift idea for your friends too! You won’t let them down! Check the colors selections and the different available sizes and get things started! We will deliver it to your doorstep asap!

High quality and cozy, the shirt is a great option for the upcoming hot days. Being so neat and cheeky, the tee is a great gift idea for your friends or family.

Buy now and get it delivered to your doorstep. Get it while still in stock!

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