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Bocce T Shirt | Gioco Di Bocce Tee


The game of bowls is as old as man. It is not an exaggeration, the oldest documentation of stone rolling spheres dates back to the time of Noah's Ark, 7000 BC. C., in the Turkish Neolithic city of Catal Huyuk. Also the Greeks and Romans played bowls: in Pompeii, in the archaeological area then called "bocciodromo», a snitch was found together with a "modern" set of 8 bowl.. so if you love Italy and want to spread your love for something unique and absolutely uncommon than all the other Italians highlights and landmarks, if you love sports and want to wear something different from everything you’ve ever seen before Italian inspired, this is the t-shirt you need! Featuring an artistic print of man and woman enjoying the famous boules (bowls) game, you are sure to wear something original, characteristic and meaningful at the same time.

It’s bright and vibrant, and truly comfortable since it’s crafted from 100% ring spun cotton. Pick from multiple sizes and colors and use it as a beautiful gift idea for her or him (it’s unisex).

Get it now for a limited time offer and fast shipping. Awesome Italians are here to always provide great Italian themed clothing!

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