Get 'em Rock Boxing T-Shirt | Funny Rocky Tee

Solid Silver
Solid Banana Cream
Solid Scarlet
Solid Kelly Green
Solid Light Blue
Solid Military Green
Solid Purple Rush
Solid Red
Solid Royal
Solid Tahiti Blue
Solid Turquoise
Solid White
CVC Charcoal


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Feeling determined to turn heads and show the world how powerful you are? This t-shirt is perfect for Rocky's aficionados who want something different from everything else Rocky's inspired having a colorful, fun, fresh and eye-catching result. It features a caricature of the all-time favorite character Rocky Balboa punching a boxing bag part of his training routine If you think you are going to have just a pretty face you are wrong. The t-shirt is so much more than that being entirely wearable, comfortable and durable over time due to its high quality and the great love and passion for details. You really cannot wait to wear it over and over again. The colors' selection is there to impress too as you can choose what suits you the most! This combination of vibrant colors and lovely graphic design is sure to give you endless cool options. Combine with cool sneakers and jeans, and be the casual star wherever you go and whatever you do! If you are a Rocky fan, or you are just looking for a cool tee, then it is hard to find a cooler & funnier tee than the Get 'em Rock Tee.