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Sistine Chapel T Shirt | Mi Perdoni Tee


Do you want to make fun of yourself? You can do this and so much more with this unique Forgive me I am still learning t-shirt! Using the famous Michelangelo painting on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, this awesome t-shirt emphasizes they very point great renaissance artists sought to portray; mans quest to become more. What more is the learning involved when progressing towards achievement involves forgiving others and yourself. Italians inherently know this and now it is available to wear proudly, in a humorous way on this great t-shirt. You will have, first of all, a unique piece being original and you won’t find anything like that anywhere on the web! Second, you can easily customize your choice by choosing your favorite colors and use your t-shirt for several multiple spicy and stylish outfit while having a great quality too. You will also have the chance to express your sense of humor and your love for Italy all in one. What are you waiting for? Buy now your t-shirt and you won’t regret it! Pick between multiple colors and sizes and surprise her or him with a wonderful gift.

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