Florence City of Art Shirt | Florence T Shirt

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Florence, without doubt, is one of the most beautiful cities on earth; this much is not arguable. Known to be one of the world's centers for art and culture, rivaling Rome and Venice, this city is worth every inch of love you have for it. The place is a world heritage site that contains a vast wealth of art masterpieces such that you can barely separate the area from the so many beautiful arts it includes. This is why this shirt is dedicated to helping you scream out your love for this beautiful city of arts. Showcasing some of the city's most noticeable landmarks like the David and it's buildings, Ponte Vecchio, and a fantastic font that spells out ‘Citta D Arte' which translates to city of arts in English language, the shirt offers a unique Italian fashion touch and variety to your wardrobe such that you can easily blend it with other fashion styles to get beautiful and stunning results while still keeping your look originally Italian.