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Olive Oil T Shirt | Va Tutto Bene Tee


Italian food is amazing, yes, but, did you know that olive oil is one of the most important ingredient of the Italian cuisine? Italy is well-known all over the world because of its olive oil production being an excellence on this field! But if you know Italian culture (and food!) you know that! If you want to spread your love for Italian olive oil that’s your chance! Wear this amazing t-shirt and you will have style, Italianism and passion for food all in one! The print showcasing an olive tree with a couple holding hands under the tree while talking about love (and yes! The hearts are in Italian flag’s colors!) is the countryside romantic scenario you need for a unique look and, why not, for some romantic sweet gift idea for your loved one! The quality will leave you speechless and, of course, you can customize your shopping by checking the colors selection and choose what suits you most! For the lovers of Italian food and culture, we have a lovely Olive Oil T Shirt that comes with a smart and completely truthful quote in Italian: Va Tutto Meglio Con Un Pò Di Olio D’Oliva meaning Everything is Better With Olive Oil.

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