Da Vinci T-Shirt | Leonardo Da Vinci Tee

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Leonardo Da Vinci was a very versatile artist who was known for his influential contribution to the worlds of science, architecture, art, and writing. Till present days, he has one of the individual minds that have existed in the face of the earth and is among the most important personalities in the history and culture of Italy. A lot of Italians and even other world citizens are in love with Da Vinci's curious and mysterious life and his masterpieces. If you are one of such people, then this is excellent news for you, this tee shirt is here to help you embrace your love for Da Vinci, and not only that, it will help you announce it to the world in an elegant and very stylish manner. It is a basic design that comes with a beautifully made graphic print that represents a self-portrait of the most famous Italian painter and one of his best creations, in an amazingly classy, comfortable and convenient-to-wear shirt. Great for many different occasions and with various outfits to create the ultimate Da Vinci effect!