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Italian Statue T Shirt | Cronaca Della Creazione Tee


Do you love art, Italy and its huge part into worldwide religiosity? This t-shirt is what you need to wear asap! The captivating print representing a statue of an angel while proceeding in creating with its energetic powers the sky it’s vintage, beautiful and absolutely something unique! In Italian the written describe it as chronicles from the creation and make things quite clear and eye-catching. It really doesn’t matter what’s your style, the t-shirt is so versatile you are going to love wearing it in several occasions and combination from sporty to classy. If you need a gift idea for a friend, your partner or a family member but you don’t know what to do to surprise him/her this t-shirt may be the answer you were looking for! Its unisex fit make things even easier! Choose the color you prefer, choose the size and get things started with style and character! If you are searching for a meaningful Italian statue tee, then this Chronicle of Creation (Cronaca Della Creazione) is surely the one. Detailed and inspiring at the same time, the tee is displaying a piece of art that looks astounding. Based on the colors of the Italian flag, the tee is also featuring a neat matching font.

This casual custom tee shirt is high quality and durable too. Made of 100% ring spun cotton you are sure to enjoy it for years to come.

Buy now at a special price for a limited period and get it delivered to your doorstep in a fast and safe way!

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