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Ciao Bella Tote | Women's Tote Bag


The Ciao Bella Italian handbag is a tote bag (shopping bag) that is an ample bag where you can put just about anything and everything. It is a must-have for all ladies.

Typically, the essential tote bags are made of a bland design which is just an opening at the top with no closures nor zippers made most of the times from quality and durable fabrics with two large handles parallel to each other with eñough space to fit into the shoulder. However, then, why keep things too basic and bland when you can add the Italian effect to it to get an italianish tote bag? This Ciao Bella Italian bag will make you feel like you are walking the most beautiful and famous cities in Italy when you carry them.

The bag features embroidery of beautiful and warm flowers and one of the most famous quotes in Italy; ‘Ciao Bella,' and with this unique piece of fashion, you will carry style and meaning wherever you go.

What are you waiting for? Get it now at a special price for yourself or as a gift for a dear female friend.

.: 100% Cotton

.: Flat corners

.: Multiple handle colors

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