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Ciao Bella | Women's Workout Tank Top

Tri-Blend Heather White
Tri-Blend Indigo
Tri-Blend Premium Heather
Tri-Blend Vintage Black
Tri-Blend Purple Rush
Tri-Blend Vintage Royal
Tri-Blend Envy
Tri-Blend Macchiato
Tri-Blend Vintage Navy


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This women’s tank top by Awesome Italians is guaranteed to brighten up your day every time you put it on.

The beautiful design on the top shows an illustration of three sunflowers, with the words “Ciao Bella” in pink writing.

Simply meaning “Hello beautiful” in English, it’s a phrase that you’ll hear time and time again when you step out in this top and leave you daydreaming about the warm Italian sunshine.

Put simply, it’s a must-have item to add to your closet.

This sleeveless top’s suitable for all occasions, whether you’re wearing it to the gym, a shopping trip with the girls or a family gathering or party, thanks to its simple yet bold design and its sturdy fabric.

It’s made from a durable cotton blend material and its super soft and breathable fabric means you’ll always feel comfortable.
It’s available in several different colors too, so you’re bound to find the one that suits your style.

Designed with pride for Italy by Awesome Italians.

Feel free to explore our complete range of fun, Italian-themed products and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Enjoy!