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Ci Vediamo Tank Top | Womens Italia Tank


Do you want to take things to the other level? This is the perfect tank top for you for some seriously eye-catching result! Wearing this tank top you will have a unique piece (you won’t find anything like that, we promise!), a high quality item (for a soft touch and long term fitting) and a print to impress! The written says loud and clear in Italian language “Ci vediamo”, meaning “See ya”, a flirty massage to wear with a bold but still simple and casual look! The print showcases a female face with some sunglasses on and her lips painted with the Italian flags colors to focus on the details and play around with several different outfits combos. The tank comes with a flattering draped silhouette, round neck and racer- back so you can wear it with your favorite skinny jeans or with a skirt and play around with your style, this tank top won’t let you down! Choose between different colors and sizes to customize your shopping experience for you and your female friends too! Yes because this is exactly the type of gift idea you should consider for a special unique gift to remember! Your friends are going to love it so much!

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