Cannoli T-Shirt | Holy Cannoli Tee

Solid White
Solid Banana Cream
Solid Black
Solid Scarlet
Solid Kelly Green
Solid Light Blue
Solid Midnight Navy
Solid Military Green
Solid Purple Rush
Solid Red
Solid Royal
Solid Tahiti Blue
Solid Turquoise
Solid Silver
CVC Charcoal


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Have you had a taste of the Sicilian cannoli? If no, you are missing out big time. However, then it is barely possible to be a lover of Italy and Sicily without having tasted the holy cannoli. It was initially meant to be consumed during the festive period, but because of its delicious taste, its success has grown beyond the season of festivals, and today it is the most appreciated and widespread traditional Sicilian dessert enjoyed all year round. This shirt offers you the opportunity to preach your love for this delicious Italian dessert from Sicily in a clear, elegant, stylish and colorful fresh manner.