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Bella Italia Tote | Womens Tote Bag


Now these handy bags are used every day and show off on the most diverse occasions: whether shopping at the supermarket, an afternoon of shopping with friends, a busy day at work or a relaxing stroll on the beach, the tote have now become protagonists of our daily life. Why not sharing your love for Italy while wearing something useful, practical and absolutely amazing to spice your outfit too? This Bella Italia tote has the message clear while providing you some high quality bag to help you face your most exciting meetings or walks around. You can find this tote bag in different amazing colors to choose and customize your choice even more reflecting your taste and style!

Wear this stylish Bella Italia Tote Bag and be sure that you are wearing something strikingly beautiful with Italian fashion sense all over it.

The Italian shoulder bag showcases sweet Italian dynamically italic font, with the creative implementation of a gorgeous flower in the middle.

Currently on a special offer, you can select from multiple colors for you or your dear women. 

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