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About Us

We started Awesome Italians to spread our love for Italy and help you do the same all with respect to your taste in fashion, your personality, and your preferences. We wanted to make sure you would have the right tools to honor the incredible country Italy is in every single little thing such as its history, its art, its culture. Italy is so much more than that is like a little world apart made up of uniqueness, tradition, and modernity all in one. We love everything about it and we really wanted to give you the chance to choose which part you love more about it and sharing your passion in a different way, with a stylish and fashionable approach. Our love for Italy goes hand in hand with our love for high quality so Awesome Italians offers beautifully-made products at an affordable price making it accessible to anyone. We worked really hard to keep our standard high in order to respect your needs and requests and we worked with the best graphics to create something very different for anything else you have seen before. Our web-store is more than just that. It is a place where you can even learn something more about the country you love so much with interesting content to create a wonderful connection to our products too.

Our Mission

We want to give you the perfect tools to spread your love for Italy, Encourage you to display your passion while promoting high quality without renouncing to style, beauty,and affordability.

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