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Why Italy Is Synonymous With Fashion Accessories

Italy is well known for fashion, of course, as its many big brands are appreciated in hundreds of countries across the globe. Although, in a world where everyone demands the latest "must have" product, its not just clothing ranges that are so sought after. Surely, it is easy to see why there is such a growing demand for fashion accessories.


Naturally, big fashion houses oblige with the latest accessories and you will find anything from handbags to Gucci iPhone cases on the store – one of the premium Italian fashion designers.

Italy's relationship with fashion accessories is not something that is new. In fact, modern Italian fashion dates back to post-World War 2 when Italy decided to put itself back on the fashion map. Thanks to investments from the United States, Italy was able to recover economically after World War 2, but it was the passion for Italian culture that drove the fashion industry in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Who knew then that Italy (and more specifically Milan) would become the international capital for fashion.


Many fashion historians cite the work of Giovanni Battista in 1951 as being a pivotal step to recovery for Italy when he hosted the first formal fashion show in Florence and even there remained a primary focus on accessories, not just on apparel. The shift of Italy’s fashion headquarters from Florence to Milan in 1974 also signified a more serious approach to fashion and as a nation of fashion followers, the attitudes of Italians towards fashion shifted.

Skip forward a few decades and from the 1970’s to today, no self respecting Italian woman would ever find herself out of the house without her staple accessory – her tote bag. The most practical of accessories, the tote has become as much a fashion statement as it is useful. Along with a matching clutch, the balance between usability, usefulness and style is one that is now found in all successful Italian accessories.


In Italy, style is everything. You either have it or you don’t and there is a very fine line between the two sides. The purchase of a top quality accessory such as a tote bag, mobile phone case or even a stylish blanket can help when it comes to styling it up when you’re out and about.

Take the Ciao Bella iPhone case found in our Awesome Italians store for example. The national identity of Italy is found in the reds and greens of the color scheme and the font used for the classic quote ‘Ciao Bella’ oozes style and sophistication. There are very few accessories that you can buy that are going to give you that instant fashion boost but this looks certain to be one.


They key to success when it comes to style is quality. Whether someone is stylish or not is a very subjective assessment and it can depend on a number of varying factors. From the time period or current fashion trend down to geographical location – style is up for debate constantly. What cannot be debated is quality design and even more importantly – quality materials.

If you intend to buy cheap, you may acquire a look that is well, cheap. That doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive (as this can also look cheap, if you don’t know what you’re doing) but it does mean that you get what you pay for. Italians know how to dress and they know how to spend their money. If you buy cheap, you might look cheap – and no self respecting Italian wants to look cheap. 

This philosophy extends itself to everything in our store. While we aim to keep our prices as low and affordable as possible, we certainly don’t compromise on quality – so you know that when you purchase one of our Italy-inspired accessories that you are on your way to a stylish new look.

From the history of Italian fashion to the contemporary shopping malls of Milan, it's clear to see that fashion accessories and unique style are synonymous with Italy as a nation. If you want to display your inner Italian while sharing your passion for Italy, there really is no better place to start than our online store – enjoy!

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