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May 26, 2016

Welcome to Awesome Italians!

This is the perfect place to celebrate your love for Italy and its amazing (and sometimes yummy) highlights! No more boring graphic, no more trivial motto's but a real way to express what’s really Italian in a unique and alternative way. You will find several different collections focusing on some of the best things you will find in Italy and some of its most famous features. Italy is a complete country, a place who has it all: from nature to art, to history, to fashion... Travelers and passionate enthusiasts will know this so well!

Why Italy?

This huge passion and interest comes from our own roots and our deep love for this incredible country that keeps selling dreams and inspiration of the good life, La Bella Vita. From ancient and majestic arts to typical traditional dishes and recipes going through its rich history and versatile culture, Italy is one of the most important and leading country of the world that keeps inspiring dreamers, travelers and foodies!

What you will find on our website

It doesn’t matter if you are more into Italian art, Italian motto's or Italian food.. we got you covered with a versatile wide collection available in different colors and sizes as we are there to dress up everyone who loves Italy. No one excluded!

With our t-shirts, apparel and gifts you will be able to share your passion for this amazing country in a colorful, attractive and original way.  Italia collection, Bella collection and Featured collection are there to express different way to show some love for Italy, its cultural features and its beauties.

Made with love

Our passion for Italy is what motivates us to keep things authentic and high quality. Even if our items are produced in the US we respect the Italian flair and love for details as, you know, Italy is the capital of fashion after all! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for something more basic or funny to wear you can choose whatever you want to feel at ease with your own style and personality being sure you will be wearing something unique and special! Awesome Italians was born to really encourage people to show their personality and love for Italy being different from every other project you may found online. It comes from our heart to yours!

Are you ready to spice your outfits up with some Italian love? Let’s do this! Explore our catalog and discover what we offer with our beautiful versatile collections and have some fun choosing the perfect item to express your love for Italy and its charming culture. Whatever you will buy and wear we are sure you are going to love it and, for sure, you won’t regret it! Show some love for Italy!