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The Meaning of Cool

We like to think that we’re pretty cool. Although, the term “cool” remains ambiguous. As a result, our interpretation of what it means to be cool changes. Surely, we adapt our behavior over time to reflect our own individual coolness, but in all, it's best to have options, especially when shouting from the rooftops about your love of Italy!

Of course, we still must define the term cool. So, what does it truly mean to be cool and when did people start being cool?

In the present sense of meaning, "cool," actually dates back to the 1930’s when it started gaining popularity within popular Jazz music circles. However, it wasn’t until the late 1940’s that it really came to prominence in mainstream media and by the 1950’s, it became widely used throughout society.

Synonymous with attitude and style, “cool” has been used ever since then, having adopted a variety of connotations surrounding fashion and trendiness – but what’s never changed is the desire to be cool.

Whether you care or not (and there are many modern alternatives around), everyone under a certain age wants to appear cool. Even people over a certain age want to appear cool to their peers – but perhaps their relationship to what it means to be cool proves to be slightly different. 

So how can we even start to define coolness?

Well, here at, we shall attack this question by defining it through a brief tour of our unique product range.

Holy Cannoli T-Shirt 

It’s no secret, Italians are known for food. Nearly every Italian dish can be considered a delicacy and nothing represents this better than the “cannoli.” This famous pastry is largely hailed as the king of sweets, especially among Italians. The vast amount of love surrounding this popular pastry should be considered enough of a reason to wear it on a shirt! Funny? Yes. Smile? Who wouldn’t? In all, it’s safe to say, there’s nothing cooler than a sense of humor. 


Bella Italia Tank Tops

T-shirts and hoodies rarely go in and out of fashion – they are a mainstay and will probably remain that way forever. Opinions on tank tops, however, do change with the times. Take our Bella Italia tank tops for example – right now they are spot on trend and, as well as looking cool, our premium 100% cotton material and traditional sleeveless design will certainly keep you cool.

Italia T-Shirts

Who doesn’t appreciate classic? A simple look capable of fitting an endless choice of styles proves to be always welcome in one’s wardrobe. Surely, when tailoring fashion to represent Italy, one can only lead by example. That’s why at Awesome Italians, we’re proud to offer an exclusive variety of crisp, vintage design variations and the highest quality manufacturing materials available. This standard is showcased no better than through our signature collection of Italia T-Shirts.


Like many of the products showcased throughout our unique, Italy-inspired T-shirt collections, displaying your pride and love for Italy in a subtle way is now more fun than ever.Overall, your effort in expressing your own unique idea of being “cool” just became easier with our exclusive variety of Italian t-shirts and gifts. By offering a unique collection of classic and bold styles with an understated and elegant feel, it may only take a sense of humor to complete the meaning of “cool.”

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