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August 03, 2018

Sicily, widely populated in prehistory, due to its geographical position and its peculiarities, is remembered by the first sailors who ventured into the Mediterranean. The Odyssey can be considered the oldest travel book and replicated in it are the descriptions of our island, especially in the eastern part.

In Latin literature and in particular in the Aeneid, there are signs of Sicilian stages of the journey of the refugee Aeneas, this time on the extreme western portion, where it seems that a small colony of Troians founded Erice.

Always in Roman times, the definition of the viability in Sicily reached us thanks to the itinerary Antonìno. A chronicle of travel through Norman Sicily comes to us from the Arab geographer El Edrisi, while a few years later Federico II will fall in love with our land, to paradoxically declare that he did not envy Paradise to God because he was well satisfied with living in Sicily.

Documentation on the island of the sixteenth century is more widespread, thanks to the Messina abbot Francesco Maurolico or the learned scholar Tommaso Fazzello. Again Placido reina or Marcello Malpighi in the seventeenth century dwell in the description of parts of the territory or naturalistic features of the island.

Moreover, to make known Sicily, certainly contributed the fact that the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem, withdrew from the Island of Rhodes under the progress of the Turks, thanks to the assignment made by Emperor Charles V, is established in Malta, making it a fortified base against the "infidels".

But it will be the eighteenth century, the century of "lights", to bring Sicily to the forefront of European culture. In the eighteenth century were dozens of travelers who in various capacities and often driven by opposing motivations will arrive in the ancient Trinacria.

Naturalists, archaeologists, and writers, fall greedily for new and upsetting experiences in this land where the fame of the myths has also made fascinating what otherwise would have been trivial. Of course, there was no lack of surprise, wonder in the Island.

The thundering volcano of Catania, the expanses of ruins of the classical world, from Segesta to Selinunte, and therefore the greenhouse of Doric columns of the temples of Agrigento or the overwhelming beauty of the Strait of Messina, whose currents and whirlpools re-proposed the legend of Scilla and Charybdis, constituted the key references for the reading of a territory that certainly never provoked disappointments in the numerous travelers who, two centuries ago, moved in these districts.

To the environmental patrimony, nature of the places and testimonies of the disappeared civilizations was added a surprise for the customs of the inhabitants of this land imbued with remote traditions as disparate, and if Goethe came to say that here was the key to everything was not certain for a poetic venture.

Here, in reality, the different components of European civilization flowed together and were recognizable more than today, moreover patinated by the exotic, oriental atmosphere, so dear to Nordic travelers. already the way to arrive in Sicily brought the presuppositions for a detachment, not only physical, from what characterized the life on the continent.

Why visit Sicily and what are its attractions? 5 good reasons to go and fall in love with it

The reasons to visit Sicily (and to fall in love with it) are innumerable, but we are convinced that after simply reading the 5 points below, the desire to make a jump in this wonderful land will be stronger than ever! Do you want to bet?

The 5 good reasons that will drive you to visit Sicily!

The climate

First of all the climate: there is not a period of the year when tourists do not rush to visit it. The temperature is always pleasant so that in winter it is difficult to fall below 10 degrees.

Is it raining? Of course and even so, sometimes causing considerable damage, but do not worry: in Sicily, the sun always returns to shine!

Perfumes, colors, landscapes

We must admit it: nature has been decidedly generous towards this land.

The smell of jasmine, citrus, and sea; the colors of its marvelous beaches and sunsets; the adrenaline of Etna that when it 'explodes' you feel that it crosses your veins.

Do you like the sea? How not to mention the Zingaro Reserve, Lampedusa, the Isola delle Correnti, Taormina, the Scala dei Turchi ...

Do you love the mountain? The wonderful Madonie Park and the Nebrodi Park will offer absolutely spectacular mountain scenery!

In short, sea, mountains, volcanoes ... What more could you ask for?

History and traditions

When you walk through the Sicilian towns you have the sensation of going back in time. Touching the testimonies of the peoples who have dominated these lands, it is easier here than ever.

Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, French ... history, cultures, and traditions so different from each other that by mixing they gave life to something unique and extremely precious.

The Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, the Roman Villa of Piazza Armerina, the Arab / Norman art of Palermo, the Baroque of Ragusa ... these are some of the historical testimonies that you can observe during a 'quiet and daily' walk through the streets of the beautiful Sicily ...

The local cuisine

Among the most inviting attractions of Sicily, the kitchen stands out, more varied than ever.

The only drawback you could go to after visiting Sicily is that once you get home the scale hand could score a few extra pounds!

And how could it be otherwise?

From pasta with sardines to baked pasta; from the caponata of aubergines to the rolls to the palermitana; and then arancini, panelle, Pani ca meusa, sfincione, cannoli, cassate, martorana fruit, buccellati ... Enjoyment assured!

The dialects

And finally, we want to talk about the Sicilian dialect? Warm, passionate, sensual and at the same time fun and tasty as few. In short, a healthy chat with a Sicilian DOC between good food and good local wine can only be the prelude to a love story - one for this fantastic earth-long whole life!

Do you love Sicily? Check our collection and enjoy!