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Awesome Italians Support Initiative for the Victims of the Recent Italy Earthquake

As Italy continues to recover from one of its largest natural disasters in recent history the support from across the globe continues to flood in. It was in the early hours of Wednesday morning (3:36am) when the 6.2-magnitude earthquake shook the small mountainous towns of Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto leaving over 290 people dead, hundreds upon hundreds injured and thousands in makeshift shelters as homes have been destroyed and conditions have been left uninhabitable. 

The hundreds of aftershocks that have continued to shake the region since Wednesday’s tragic events have made it increasingly difficult for physical support to reach the areas worst hit. Despite the difficulties facing the rescue teams, more that 4,500 people have supported the effort that has included the use of heavy machinery in addition to the many people using just their bare hands to try and offer their help to those in need.


There has been no getting away from the event that has emotionally as well as physically shook Italians up and down the country as the numbers of those injured and confirmed dead have continued to rise. 

The response has been mixed but in the short-term, sympathy and hope seem to be the only appropriate responses to a natural disaster of this nature. Bishop Giovanni d’Ercole who led a ceremony of prayers following the earthquake stated that the communities affected would be given a “new spring and a new birth come,” offering hope to those most affected. 

Out of the darkness comes light and fortunately due to worldwide press coverage there has been support of all types given from countries worldwide. People have lent their support in a variety of ways. Those who were close enough got involved and supported physically. Those who were further away have supported the Italian Red Cross with donations and have also given generously to Shelter Box in the same way.

Globally, social media users have supported the cause through awareness with #PrayForItaly being the method by which most have shown their spiritual support.

With the numbers of injuries the demand for blood has inevitably increased. You can check with your local Centri Trasfusionali Regione Lazio if you are local enough to support in this way. 

Awesome Italians Supporting The Cause

As the death toll continues to increase in central Italy and the full impact of the disaster starts to become clear there is of course a real need for financial assistance. Any type of support is important to the cause and at we would also like to lend our support.

We are going to be donating 50% of all our store profits throughout September and October to support the victims of the tragedy. We can only begin to imagine the real devastation and at times like this it is often unfathomable why events like this happen in the world in which we live – while we cannot understand how a disaster like this happens, we have complete sympathy and empathy for anyone affected and feel that by donating half of our profits for the next month will in some way support the efforts being made by those closer to the situation.

We pray for Italy and all affected by this dreadful natural disaster.

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